Escape Grilled Cheese Thinking

We need grilled cheese thinking in everyday life but not so much in art. Creative thinking often strives for an unpredictable outcome…

How to Get Good Ideas. Seriously.

Before I attempt to answer this preposterously large problem with a greatly simplified answer, let’s look at a related question a lot of creative people seem to dread…

Submitting your Cartoons to the New Yorker

Here’s the rundown on my experience submitting cartoons for publication to the New Yorker. This is what the submission process is like, and things for you to consider.

How to write jokes for cartoons, television, or other nefarious purposes.

I’ll go over a few specific comedy writing techniques that I use to generate ideas. These are concrete ways to brainstorm concepts for jokes.

Random Ideas Tool

This tool generates random words which you can use to brainstorm some creative ideas based on these combinations.

Brainstormo Begins

The purpose of this website is for me to learn more about the creative process and storytelling and to help you lead a more creative life if that’s what you’re aiming to do…

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