How to Create a Unique Name Using Random Words

We'll show you how to use random words to brainstorm a name for your artistic venture or small business.

You can also use this approach to generate unique usernames for social media accounts. You can use the process for pretty much everything except naming babies.

We will aim to create a name that uses just two words. Any more words than that, and the memorability of the name generally drops drastically.

For example, if you reviewed horror games online, the username of "Graveyard Gamer" would be far more catchy than "Spooky Graveyard Gamer."

The same logic applies to businesses and artistic projects. If your business made online games, "Graveyard Games" would be the better option.

The shorter the name, the more apt people are to remember it.

And getting people to remember your name is most of marketing.

You can also create one-word brand names using various techniques, which will be expanded upon in a separate how to create article shortly.

Using a Related Word to Make Catchy Names Or a Business Brand

There are two options here. The two words can be completely random, or one of the words directly relates to the nature of your venture, such as in the example above where we wanted the word "Gamer" in the title. The challenge was to find a random word to complete the name.

Depending on the category that you're in, some related words might be tough to use because they've already been heavily leveraged in that space. The term "Gamer" is an excellent example of that.

So, if you want to use a related word, it's beneficial for you to brainstorm words around the activity or business that you're pursuing. Create a list of at least ten words and choose the top three you like the most.

If you want help finding words related to your initial word, then use the website to help create that list of words.

Once you have your related words, go to our Random Word Generator tool to start getting ideas on what word you can use to complete your unique name.

Using Two Random Words to Create a Name with Character

You can use two random words, but this approach is generally not as well suited to most businesses unless they are creative ventures like an Etsy shop.

The approach is better suited for artistic projects than for regular-type businesses.

It's a pretty straightforward approach. Go generate some random words and click on the ones you like. After you have enough saved words, combine them to see if any exciting concepts you feel fit the project name or username you're working on.

For example, I used this approach to come up with the name "Panic Tummy." I use the name for my slightly chaotic drawings, which fits the style perfectly.

It took about four sessions over a couple of weeks before I arrived at this name, so don't expect to hit gold on your first time out with this approach.

The World's Full of Unique Names

There are about 365 million domain names already in use by businesses.

There are also billions of social media users with unique names. Suppose even 5% of them are reserved for businesses and projects. In that case, that means hundreds of millions of names are already used in some online capacity.

Nowadays, the creative namespace is very crowded, and this makes the task of creating a new, unique name excruciatingly hard.

I tell you this because you will make up the perfect name, and you'll look it up only to find that it's already taken.

This can happen many times over in your search for a catchy name. It happens to me constantly, and yes, it is deeply frustrating.

My advice is to be patient and know that it often takes 4 or 5 brainstorming sessions before you make up a name available for use.

Seriously, it's not a quick process. It can take many sessions over a week or two to create the perfect unique name.

If you're lucky, it's a sprint, but more often than not, creating a name is a marathon.

It takes some measure of endurance to reach the finish line.

Checking the Availability of Your Name

If you have a good candidate for a name you like, now's the part where we check to see if anyone is already using it.

An excellent place to start is Google. Put the name you want in quotes - like this for example, "Brainstormo". Putting it in quotes will give you exact matches for the name, which is very helpful.

Now, check the first page or two to see if anything comes up in the results that would indicate that the name is already in use.

If we're good so far, the next step is to check on social media to see if any user has already registered that name.

The sites you check can vary, but for now, TikTok and Instagram are good places to start your name verification process.

As an optional step, check if the dotcom domain name is available. If you're running an online business, this may not be an optional step.

For online businesses and other projects, you may need to consult a lawyer to ensure you have legal clearance to use your newly created name.

However, for most casual projects, this is probably overkill.

It's up to you to decide how much lawyerly advice is needed for your business or project.

Go Create a Unique Name!

Anyways, that's about it. I hope this helps you create a unique name for yourself.

If you haven't already, then start generating some random words. Good luck!

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