About Brainstormo

Like most good things, it started with a sense of dissatisfaction.

I didn't like any of the random word generators online. Not that some of them aren't high quality, but they weren't designed for what I wanted to do.

Most random word generators connect their tool to a dictionary and simply serve random results from there.

This approach is excellent for improving your vocabulary or finding a particular word for an online word game, but it's not great for creative tasks.

I wanted to dream up a name for a creative project, and these tools weren't evocative enough for me. They contained all English words instead of a curated selection designed for inspiration. A smaller targeted subset of words would be far better for creative purposes.

So, I read an entire dictionary and kept all the words I thought would be great for inspiring brainstorming sessions. And yes, this was an extremely monotonous task.

I added some helpful features, and the Random Word Brainstormer tool was born

Then I created the High Concept Story Generator, which also uses random words to pique the imagination. I put together a list of characters, settings, and other narrative elements in order to help people create ideas for high concept stories.

This inspired me to write some articles about creativity and brainstorming.

All this activity resulted in Brainstormo. The mission of this website is to inspire people be more creative. It seems like the world could use a little bit more creation and less destruction right now.

I hope this website helps you in your creative life and activities.

Thanks, Scott

PS. For those interested, my latest graphic novel is Space America. You can check it out on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.co.uk.

You can also download a digital copy for free.

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